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2017 Education

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Thursday, Nov. 2
9-9:45 a.m. | Round Robin Education 1

Presented by Alex Plaxen

In 2017, social media engagement is a must, so don’t leave your sponsors behind. Learn what options you have to create social media sponsorship packages that mutually benefit both your sponsors and your organization. This session will cover the rise in new platforms and new features like livestreaming, authenticity and shareability.

Presented by Christy Gandy

Canceling all or part of a meeting or convention is a nightmare that no meeting professional or destination ever wants to deal with, but as recent hurricanes taught us once again, sometimes it’s out of our control. While cancellations can happen for a number of reasons, weather included, other issues like flight delays, power outages, political issues or new state laws, construction, facility damage or crippled infrastructure can make it almost impossible to host an event. If disaster strikes, how will you react? Come prepared for a roundtable conversation with your peers to that will help prepare you for issues.

Presented by Darrell Hammond, Sr.

Difficult people are everywhere. Don’t believe me? Just look in the mirror. We all come from different backgrounds and possess different values, perspectives and opinions. This workshop explores how we can develop a shared communication model with others. Attendees will learn about communication styles, and how best to listen and speak to those who appear to be critical and confrontational.

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10-10:45 a.m. | Round Robin Education 2 (see descriptions above)
Friday, Nov. 3
9:30-10:30 a.m. | Master Class

Presented by Alex Plaxen

Tribalization has been recognized by industry thought leaders as a way to push meetings into new frontiers in the next three to five years. We'll show you how to develop tribes at your meeting through social media before, during and after your event. Social media allows you to foster smaller group connections to heighten the overall attendee experience.